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Wired Magazine‘s, What Your Klout Score Really Means, is a great post about a guy looking for a job. He thinks he’s found the perfect one, until he’s asked what his Klout score is. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what Klout is!

Early this year I started looking at social media scoring sites. I happened upon PeerIndex and was offered a book by Mark Schaeffer, ROI, Return on Influence. I was fascinated by what he had to say about online influence and how big brands were looking for influencers. It was a new spin on marketing and I am in love with the concept.

However, in my sharing Klout with my business community, I discovered we really don’t like being “evaluated” or our “importance” measured. I argue that we do it all the time. Do I drive the right car? Do I dress the right way? Am I slender enough, good looking enough, smart enough…. The list can go on. In this post Wired shares why you need to familiarize your self with Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and Brandify…and there will be more coming down the road.

After you read the post, let me know if you’ve been swayed to the dark side and are willing to work your online influence, and add to your visibility.