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Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation

I just finished Mitch Joel’s book, Six Pixels of Separation. It’s a great book, buy it! Now!

I saw this blog post and wanted to share it with you. the first thing that caught my eye in Mitch’s post Watching Me Blog, was his sharing of his blogging philosophy. I’ve never seen that before. It made me stop to think about why I blog. I may have to re-think some of my philosophy.

I loved the breakdown of the blogging process. When you start blogging I think you start training your mind to look for blog post inspiration. I have some of the same habits, the email folder and a notepad. I also use my phone’s recording software.

The first point in the “After the Post” section is something I’m going to add to my sharing. It’s a great article with wonderful tips on creating a blog post. Let me know what you think. What is it that you do to put a post together?