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Syndicating Your Content
Show Notes: March 1, 2010


Similar to google news alerts (and if you don’t know about google news alerts, look at my YouTube channel, magicinwords for a how to video) Anyway, TweetBeep will send you alerts developed from your settings. The settings include keywords, keyword phrases, people, places, attitudes and contained links. You set it up and it sends you an email when something you’re looking for comes up.


The hottest links on Twitter. Give you an opportunity to retweet the original tweet. You can search topics through the search function or the categories.

Tweet Volume

Give you an idea of how much a topic, phrase, name is being discussed on Twitter.

Twitter Grader

Nifty little tool to give you some idea of where Tweeters, including yourself stand with Twitter. I have a 98.6.


Another tool to analyze the impact you are having at Twitter. Sign in with your twitter account.


Search and follow the latest trends in real time. Sign in with your Twitter account. I really like the search feature in this tool. I’m sure I’ve told you about the Wednesday night small business chat on Twitter. You follow the conversation via the hashtag.