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Have you taken a class on Twitter and you’re still as confused about it as you were before you took the class? I know the feeling.

On Wednesday, January 13, 2010 that changes!

This webinar is different! First, I’m limiting the number of attendees to five (5). Why? Because I’ve found that many people need “hands on” help to get their profile put together and just get started using Twitter.

Second, I use a desktop sharing technology to help YOU with your Twitter account. If you really want to make good use of our time together, you may want to subscribe to my Members Only area. It’s free and there are overview videos on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and many other resources on social networking.

In this course we’ll:

  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Customize Your Background
  • Using Photoshop for your Background
  • Using Ready Made Backgrounds
  • How To Get Followers
  • Twitter Services and Directories
  • Twitter Strategies