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Traffic Swarm is a free site that will generate traffic to your website. What you have to ask yourself is, will that be targeted traffic.

Recently I was pitched an internet advertising program. I pay, let’s say for example, $100 for advertising. I then am able to create an ad that rotates in turn to the visitor of the ad site. I can earn back my ad expenditure if I just click on 24 other member sites, in the rotation, and stay on each site for 15 seconds. To actually earn money, I have to bring others into the advertising program.

Traffic Swarm does the same thing, only free. If you sign up, you get to create your ad, which runs in a rotation. You then earn advertising credits by clicking on the other ads and staying on the site for 20 seconds. I click to earn my credits. You’re lucky if your site, coming up in rotation, is a site I’m interested in.

So how do you target your traffic? Are you blogging yet? Are you involved in social networking? You may want to consider visiting my Cross The Digital Divide free webinars to help you learn how to spot the scam from the legit on the net. Or check out the Resource Library and Article Library for info that helps.

If you try Traffic Swarm, let me know what you think by commenting.