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Debra Simpson on KloutI’ve talked about it before, there are several sites that are monitoring our influence across the internet, with particular attention being paid to social media. You might want to check them out. They are Klout, PeerIndex, Kred and Brandify. In this post from iStrategy Conference, several tools are shared to help you monitor and gauge your influence on Facebook, Twitter and your blogging efforts.

What we are seeing now is that the old methods of marketing are being overtaken by social media and blogging. It’s great to raving fans of your brand, but if upset, they can also take down your brand in a nano-second if they are well connected. Additionally, we are in an era where your marketing message isn’t as influential as my sisters recommendation.

These tools offer you the ability to find brand advocates, those people who love your business. Once they are found, you can start listening to what they are saying online and engage them to improve your business’ presence online.

So, the question is…are you measuring your influence online?