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Having a blog for your business makes good marketing sense. So now you have to start creating some content for your blog. Here are a few tips on business blogging. I’ve taken these from Debbie Weil’s Top 7 tips to Write an Effective Business Blog. Download her pdf for more information and tips on writing an effective blog. She’s the queen of business blogging!

  • Start with a topic you are passionate about
  • concentrat on shorter, more frequent entries in your blog
  • Let your authentic “voice” emerge
  • Use correct grammar and syntax
  • Write for the web: purposefully organize the content of your blog (I’m definitely going to do some more reading on that subject!!)
  • Post at least once a week, preferably two or three times a week
  • Include your key contact information

Using Debbie’s techniques will help boost your blog interest and readability. If you want to learn more about Debbie, visit her site