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Debra Simpson on Facebook AdsHere are two posts that give you some information to think about when planning your Facebook Ad buy.

How To Use The 15 Facebook Ad Targeting Options and in Amy Porterfield’s post 9 Facebook Ad Expert Tips to Create Bigger Results with Your Facebook Ads.

In How to Use the 15 Facebook Ad Targeting Options the posts discusses how rich Facebook is for advertising:

Facebook ads are powerful because of the targeting options it gives to marketers.

Where else on the web, or anywhere for that matter, do we freely volunteer so much data about ourselves. Even our doctors can’t compete with the file Facebook has on us.

The post helps you understand the different ways you can target your ads, from age to sex to geographical location to so many other options.

In the post, 9 Facebook Ad Expert Tips to Create Bigger Results from Your Facebook Ads, nine experts share their tips for cashing in on Facebook Ads. This is an excellent post and will give you a lot to think about when developing your Facebook advertising strategy.

So, are you using Facebook ads, and if so, are they working for you? I’d love to hear.