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You may have encountered the saying “gold is in your list” in this industry. This passage simply means that a great majority of your sales will come from your mailing list. Statistics show that, at the average, your prospects will only decide to buy from you after the 12th contact.

Yes, that’s a whole lot of messages.

And the only way you can contact them over and over again is by capturing their email addresses and including them in your mailing list. This is where it gets tricky. The “what’s in it for me” mentality is still prevalent, and you have to offer your prospects something valuable so that they can be motivated enough to fill up your capture page and submit the personal details to your mailing list.

Fortunately, there are many valuable things you can use as bait, and electronic magazines, or eZines, are on top of the list.

What Is An Ezine?

An eZine is basically a newsletter in digital format, deliverable via email. And every media of this kind is efficient for one thing: conveying information. The internet is fueled by the constant need for information. People log online to find information on the things they need to know about as well as the things that interest them. They use search engines to find the particular information they’re looking for.

And if you have the information they need, they will naturally come to you. If you can offer such information, or better yet, constantly updated information on the matter as time goes by, then you can rally them into joining your mailing list in exchange for what you can provide.

They’re In, Now What?

Building the size of your mailing list is a magnificent strategy to catapult your online business to the highest levels of success. Name a guru – any guru – and study his tactics. You’re sure to discover that a great part of his success can be attribute to his mailing list, particularly these two characteristics that determine its efficiency as a moneymaking pool:

  1. The sheer size of the mailing list. It’s still a numbers game. The more prospects you have, the more leads you can contact for your future offers.
  2. Response rate of the mailing list. Your subscribers should be able to read your eZine issues so that they can be exposed to your business message. This is something within your control.

The tactic is simple in theory. Gain as many subscribers as you can, send them an offer they can’t refuse, and see what happens next. Repeat the process throughout the duration of your online career. Many online empires are founded on this simple principle.

The Many Applications Of Your Ezine

Not only will an eZine help the sales rate for your online business, it can also be used to help you succeed in other online business models you may choose to pursue:

  • Do you have PPC-enrolled websites? Guarantee repeat visitors by capturing the contact details of your guests and informing them of updates to your pages.
  • Are you an affiliate promoting a high paying program? Advertise your affiliate links to the members of your mailing list.
  • Are you running a membership site? Use your mailing list for your announcements and updates.
  • Or are you looking for a way to earn money online? Your eZine can serve as an electronic course, or eCourse, and you can charge for subscriptions.

There are many things you can do with eZines. But one thing is certain: its value is very much indispensable for the success of your online enterprise.