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Via Scoop.itDebra’s Social Media Resources

If you haven’t heard by now your Facebook timeline IS going to change within a week or two. Almost everyone I’ve asked is upset about the change. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it.

Some things to be aware of will be the increased number of status updates in all caps demanding to know how to go back to the previous timeline. Not going to happen.

Also be aware of the potential scams that will pop up with links for you to click, which will likely take you to sites with malware ready for your computer. Don’t click the links!

The timeline is here to stay.   The new timeline will make it easier for your friends to find your status updates, photos and shares from years ago. No more scrolling, reloading and scrolling more to find what happened in 2008. With one click you’ll see it. Now is the time to clean up your profiles, getting rid of pics and other content you may not want easily accessed.

On Monday, January 30th at 5pm PT I’ll be sharing the new Facebook timeline and answering your questions. Register here for details.