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Stop spamming me!I was at a networking event recently. I placed my business cards on the networking table. The business card contained an email address that is shared by me and someone else. When I returned from the event I had an email from a friend of mine letting me know it was nice to see me at the event and then shared a workshop she was promoting.

A few minutes later I got another email from the same woman, but addressed to the other name on the business card. The “other name” on the business card didn’t attend the event. The greeting was…”it was so nice to meet you today at the event. Here’s a workshop you might be interested in.” Obviously my friend picked up every business card on the networking table and blasted out her workshop info.

You can’t just do that. Here’s a link to help you understand the CanSpam Act and what you need to do with your emails to be in compliance. It’s a short video with additional info on the page.