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Not blogging yet? Why?

Blogging is a great marketing tool for your business. There are so many reasons why you would want to blog. Here are just a few.

Instantly Publish Your Own Content

You have something to say. With the push of a button, your thoughts are instantly published. You have the ability to share your post on your social media sites, extending your content’s reach.

Elevate Your Visibility

You are the expert, right? By posting to your blog, sharing your expertise and helping others, you elevate your visibility. By sharing your expertise in a very visible way, you elevate yourself as an expert in your industry. When you’re very visible, and you can check that on Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and Brandify to see how visible you are, you can start to build a community around your brand message.

Search Engine Optimization


Blogging regularly adds fresh content to your website. The search engines love fresh content. If you keep adding it, they’ll keep coming back to index it. When you add a blog post to your site, the search engine sees a “page” being added to your site, making your site more robust. If you can open a word-processing document and create content, you can blog. It’s that easy.

Create A Community

People want to hang around thought leaders, experts in their community. With a blog you have that opportunity to establish a community and grow it through sharing via posts on your blog and commenting. Monitor your comments and reply to those who comment. Comments on a blog are treasured. Encourage it by engaging each comment.

Are you ready to blog yet? If so, let’s talk!