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I found a great blog post on Copyright Laws for Bloggers that I wanted to share.

I also thought I’d share some of the sites I find the images I use, so I don’t violate any copyright laws (no, you can’t just google images and use them)! Two of the sites I use are:

iClipArt dot ComiClipArt is holding a sale right now, $29.95 for a year. You can search for clipart, photos, sounds, video and web graphics. It’s easy to search across the categories and has a great variety of images.

Check this out if you want to add some "eye candy" to your posts.

iStockPhoto dot Com

iStockPhoto offers low cost photos for your commercial use. You need to purchase credits and a normal image costs 2 – 3 credits.

iStockPhoto also has videos and illustrations, which are really nice. If you are a photographer or graphic artist you can earn credits by offering up your work. It’s a great site, check it out.

What resources do you use for images and photos?