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Add Snap Shots To Your BlogWhen you visit any of my sites, you’ll notice that I have a feature that, when you roll over the icon, a preview of the linked page will appear. It’s Snap Shots, and now you can use it on your site too!

Snap Shots is the world’s most popular way to give your users a more fun and interactive experience on your site or blog. Now with Snap Shares, you can monetize inventory you didn’t know you had. It’s a complete system designed to help you get more from your site.

  • Snap Shots uses your links to bring the most appropriate information about the sites you’re pointing to. Your audience doesn’t even have to leave your site to get the best of other sites.
  • Snap Shares gives you a portion of the ads that appear in Snap Shots and lets you do what you wish — serve ads through your regular provider, market yourself or share them with charity.
  • Snap Shots Engage looks for certain key phrases within your site and connects them with the best content in the world. And you don’t even have to write a link.

There is also a WordPress Plugin for Snaps which makes it easy to add to your WordPress blog. Here’s the Snap Shot Guide for your use.