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If you’ve been out and around the internet you know that information is selling like hotcakes! So how do you take advantage of this hot trend?

Why not consider creating your own ebook to use for your internet marketing? There are so many ways to use an ebook. You could:

  • You could give your ebook to anyone who subscribed to your monthly ezine.
  • Create a “How To” Manual to help your clients. You could either sell this or offer it in exchange for subscribing to your ezine. Or, maybe you’d like to offer it to a business collegue to offer on their site.
  • You could create an instructional training manual to sell or give away.
  • A catalog of your retail items, including pictures
  • You could do a “best of” ebook.
  • You could interview successful people and then create a book from the interviews.

These are just a few ideas and ways to use an ebook in your internet marketing strategy. Shelly Lowery created a Complete Guide to Self Publishing using ebooks. Download it and let me know what you think!