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Firefox ExtensionIf you use the FireFox browser you may be familiar with FireFox’s addons. One of the addons I use regularly is ScribeFire. ScribeFire can really help you with posting to your blog, or if you are like me and other bloggers, your blogs….

With ScribeFire you can set up your blogs in the admin area and when you are surfing the web and find a site, post, or article you want to reference, you simply tap F8 to launch ScribeFire.

With ScribeFire you can post to your blog, add images from your harddrive or Flikr and even videos from YouTube. You can categorize your posts, even use the timestamp to publish them at a later date. If you’re referencing other online sources, ScribeFire can be a great tool to use in leveraging your time.

If you have any tools you use to make your blogging easier, I invite you to share by commenting.