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It is a pretty well known fact that the best products to sell online are digital ones. They are easier to prepare, and even easier to deliver. With digital products, you’re basically selling information or a solution as the case may be. Of all the digital products currently being circulated, electronic books, or eBooks as they are fondly called, are the most popular.

The reason is quite simple. With eBooks, your investments are your words and your knowledge. By writing about something you know by heart and something that people would be willing to pay for, you could already conduct business. Just take a look at the many eBooks in the market today.

Judging An Ebook By Its Cover

If you sift through some of the millions of eBooks out in the market, you’ll immediately be able to separate the good ones from the bad ones. The adage “never judge a book by its cover” does not apply for electronic publications. Often, as in very often, the way the eBook is packaged reflects the quality of the product. If an eBook is packaged with inferior graphics, for example, which are obviously homemade as a practice course for PhotoShop lessons, the would-be customers would just get the impression that the contents of the said eBook are likewise amateurishly made.

You wouldn’t want this to happen.

Imagine, on the other hand, if your eBook is supported by professionally made graphics. Your product would stand out from the rest, and would immediately win your target audience’s attention. The graphics would perfectly complement the content of your eBook, and would be an excellent representation of your product.

The Advantages Of Professionally Made Graphics

There are two main graphics you would need for your eBook. These would be the eBook cover and the header. The header will be used on top of your sales page. Your sales page, of course, is where you could convince your visitors to try out your eBook, by presenting all the features it could offer as well as the benefits your customers can derive from the same. If your sales page is complemented by a beautifully made header, you’d instantaneously capture the interest of the people who would get to visit the said page, and they would be compelled to read your offer.

An eBook cover is the graphic on the very first page of the .pdf file that contains the content of your product. An eBook cover is also the main graphic that would be used on your promotional campaigns, as this would be what people would associate your product with.

In both instances, the graphics for the header and the eBook cover should be magnificently designed to immediately impress upon the minds of your visitors that your product is of high quality. A good analogy would be a movie. Trailers and movie posters sell these flicks, the same way that headers and eBook covers sell your eBooks.

Ebook covers and headers are usually included in one package.

Investing On Professionally Made Ebook Covers

There is no doubt that eBook covers would give a tremendous boost for your online sales. Ebook covers alone account for 89% of the decision factors that impel a visitor to make a purchase of an eBook. Imagine being able to tap into this 89%. Your sales page’s conversion rate would soar to very high levels!
Professionally made eBook covers, of course, would need a professional’s touch. And this would entail some financial investment on your part. But such would be a worthy investment, as premium eBook covers would boost your conversion rate, which would consequently boost your sales.

So do not hesitate to invest on professionally made eBook covers and headers. It is tantamount to an essential component of your online success and one which you should not dare take for granted.

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