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Syndicating Your Content Email Marketing Tips

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When you create email messages to send, do like the Boy Scouts and “Be Prepared.” If you take the time, you can really develop some great tools to help you in preparing a compelling email.

Marketing Tools

Folder – create a folder on your computer and in print form for “email marketing” and keep ideas you have for future campaigns there. Save favorite emails there you get from others, too, as inspiration. You can use these as templates to create your own unique messages.

Headlines – Start a Microsoft Word or text document where you list favorite headlines and ideas for future headlines. Check Google for sites that offer tips on creating compelling headlines.

PS – People like to head straight to this area first, many gurus say. So create a document in your email marketing folder with favorite “PS” remarks; special sales, freebies, etc.

Guarantee – Ditto with guarantees. Which guarantees are listed on items you’ve purchased recently? Use these as starters. They attracted you!

Reference Guides – Keep handy reference sites like or favorite encyclopedias book marked in a special Favorites folder on your computer. Keep print editions available nearby, too!

With the right bunch of marketing tools gathered ahead, you can “Be Prepared.” Start gathering your arsenal for great email marketing campaigns.