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Podcasting is simply creating an audio file then uploading it to your website so your visitors can either play it off the site, or download it for playing later on an MP3 Player.

I love podcasting. It’s an easy way to share information and drive traffic to your website.

It all started at the gym. I took my MP3 player, loaded with music, naturally. It was there that I realized I was held captive on the bike for 30 minutes and instead of listening to a podcast I could learn from, I was listening to music. It was then, and there, that I realized the potential of podcasting.

The term podcasting is identified with iPod, an Apple MP3 player. However, podcasts play on any MP3 player. In an effort to acquaint you with podcasting, I’ve got an ebook for you on how to choose an MP3 player.

Now, you’ll be ready for the next blog entry on podcasting! Enjoy!