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I posted about becoming an Amazon Associate over at Magic In Word’s Blog.

One of the WordPress plugins I really like is Now Reading, which makes use of your Amazon Associate ID, allowing you to display books on your blog. All you need is either the ISBN number, the title and/or author’s name.

Once you bring the book up through your search, you can manage it letting your visitors know you are about to read the book, are currently reading the book, or have finished the book. The images displayed through the Now Reading Widget are of the books you are currently reading. The others are shown as text links.

You can display the images in three different sizes and you’ll also have a "library" on your site. Just tap the book, or text link and you’ll be taken to the library page which will show all the books you have read. It’s a great way to monetize your site.

You can take it one step further and review the books as a blog post, giving your visitor a reason to tap the link to purchase the book.

So, are you an Amazon Associate? And, if you are, how are you using it to monetize your site? Feel free to leave a comment below.