Measuring Social Media By How Much Time You Save

Saving Time on Social MediaIn this post from {grow}, authored by Community Member Eric Pratum, you’re introduced to the idea that measuring how much time you save with social media can be more important to your business than how much new business you get with social media.

The example provided in the post is how a coffee show could use a tool like Twitter to answer basic questions, rather than having to take time to answer them at the cash register.

When you think of your business, what are some of the tasks you could use social media for to save time? For instance, you can have a document available on your site that answers the most frequently asked questions in your business. What if you didn’t have to take time to deal with those questions during the sales process.


  1. My site is BusinessesGrow. Not “business” and the name of the blog is just {grow}. It is also customary to provide attribution to the author who was Eric Pratum in this case. Thank you.

    • Thank you for letting me know where I made the mistake. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I’ve made the corrections and will remember to be more careful in my attributions. Again, thank you.


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