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Syndicating Your Content Email TipsPrevious Post in an ongoing series on list building and email marketing: Constant Contact As Your Email Service

A popular way for companies to communicate directly with consumers today is to use email. One of the most popular email services is Constant Contact.

Email serves a variety of functions including sales promotions and being a means of education about products and services. Messages also can include branding with logos and / or tag lines, and they can offer direct response tools like reply links, emails, telephone and fax numbers.

Basic email message writing comes across much better with skill that can be learned. Main focus should be placed on the tone of speech and grammatical language in the body of the message.

Points which should be remembered for writing the email

  • The subject line should be exciting, making the reader want to open the mail and read the further text.
  • Keep the subject line brief.
  • Make sure to include details about the sender to comply with spamming laws. Check Spamcop or other “anti-spam” sites in your favorite search engine for more info.
  • Develop the body of the email; i.e. the message, with a good introduction followed by well-described paragraphs. Avoid hype and misleading readers.
  • Use your email spelling and grammar check tools. And don’t “shout” or use all capital letters.

Practice and read emails that come your way. Learn to write messages that you’d like to receive and improve your communications.

Do you have some tips to share? Please feel free to comment.