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Debra Simpson explains Facebook EdgeRankAre you using Facebook to market your business? If so, then you need to learn about Facebook’s EdgeRank.

EdgeRank exists to help filter your news feed with the content from those you interact with regularly. If they put the content of those you hardly know, or rarley interact with, they know you’ll be less interested in visiting Facebook.

Facebook shows you the content that has the highest scoring edge. There is a drop down menu on your Home page that let’s you filter the content from “Top Stories” to “Most Recent”, but the default is “Top Stories.”

In this post, Facebook Edge Rank 101 from PostRocketBlog, Facebook EdgeRank is explained, as well as the three factors of EdgeRank, Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. The bottom line is you need to engage your fans with great content and images or your message will disappear.

How are you monitoring your social media engagement.