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Learn To Use Facebook For Your BusinessSocial Networking has become the buzz word in the small business community. Now is a great time to build your sphere of influence online. Facebook is one of the most active social networking sites for solopreneurs.

When it comes to syndicating your content, your blog and Facebook (along with Twitter) play very well together. Your blog gives you the RSS feed that’s so important to sharing your blog posts with the world. By importing your blog into Facebook, you can share your blog content with all your friends at Facebook.

Programmed correctly, you can also alert your tweeples at Twitter, but that’s another webinar.

On Monday, February 9th at 3pm PT, you can learn how to incorporate Facebook into your online marketing and branding strategy.

  • What to include
  • What not to include
  • Looking for current friends
  • How to add friends
  • Creating Lists
  • Creating Events
  • How do you decide which Friend Requests to accept
  • Updating Status Strategies

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On Wednesday, February 11th at 3pm PT, I’ll be following up with Facebook 102, where you’ll learn:

What You’ll Learn

  • Creating Groups
  • Fan Pages
  • Strategies for staying visible
  • Integrate Blog with Facebook
  • Streamlining Your Update Stategeis
  • Saving Time by Syndicating Your Content
  • Integrate Facebook with Twitter
  • Applications You Might Want To Use
  • Facebook Tools

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