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Subliminal Desktop free softwareWow, it’s tough at times to keep the faith while you’re running your business in these times. All I’ve been hearing is how bad the economy is, how bad business is and I’ve watched friends just quit!

Do you feel like that at times? I have a great piece of FREE software I’d like to share with you. Subliminal Desktop is a FREE software program that runs on your desktop, popping up positive affirmations every few seconds.

Now, I did purchase the full version, which allows me to customize the phrases that come up on my screen. I can’t tell you how many times I see those phrases pop up and it just warms my heart and keeps me moving forward.

If you are into positive affirmations, and know how powerful they can be in helping reframe our subconscious thoughts.

Check it out and see if it doesn’t put a smile on your face during a trying day! Let me know what you think!