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Debra Simpson programs WordPress Blogs

I hear it all the time, “isn’t WordPress a blog, not a website?”

When I first started programming WordPress blogs in 2007 the only design, or theme as we call them, were standard, recognizable blog layouts. You saw the most recent post, piled on top of the next recent post, etc. WordPress defaults to 10 posts on the page. And, of course, there was that sidebar.

That was the biggest push back, WordPress site didn’t look like a website, but looked like a blog. It didn’t matter that a blog is infinitely more search engine friendly, not to mention how easy it is to get fresh content up to a website. There’s nothing search engines love more than fresh content.

Nope, none of that mattered….it looked like a blog.

Premium Themes

WordPress has matured through the years and so have the WordPress Themes.  Here are some examples of websites that use WordPress and have a more traditional website look.

One of the most versatile themes is WP-Remix.  There are 10 different homepage designs and an incredible variety of inner pages. As with other premium themes, you’ll be creating a page that you’ll title Blog and that’s where the blog posts will land.

The other site I love is Elegant Themes.  Some of their themes follow the traditional blog layout, but as you can see their newer themes all feature beautiful layouts.

Other Theme Benefits

A popular feature for WordPress themes is how the themes allow you to “feature content.” You create the blog post and assign it a specific category. It’s the same category you told your theme to pull from to feature on the home page. You can also assign a “featured image” for the post and what you’ll see on the home page is a beautiful visual display (the photo) with a caption that contains about the first 50 or so words of your blog post. It’s a great way to showcase your finest posts.

WordPress is the perfect answer for the small business owner looking to save time and money. If you can open a word processing document and create a letter, etc. you can create a page or post on a WordPress website. Give it a test drive. Go over to and create an account. See how easy it is to manage your site.

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