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Today I listened to an audio interview with an online marketer, branded as a platform specialist. During the interview it was mentioned that you really don’t need a website. The interviewer was taken aback and asked what the marketer meant. The marketer replied, “you can use a blog instead of a website.”

I’ve heard that so many times….”oh, it’s a blog.” While I can appreciate that at one time blogs really were not visually appealing, but baby, those times have changed. There are so many free and premium themes to choose from, and so many ways to customize the blog that the days of you seeing stacked posts are long gone.

One of my favorite themes is WP Remix. It has ten different homepage designs, fifteen plus interior pages, gallery pages, photo and product pages. It’s extremely flexible and doesn’t require programming knowledge to create new pages. It also has a blog page for all your posts.

WordPress has come a long way and is an ideal solution for a small business owner with a tight budget, but plenty of sweat equity. Additionally, the benefits of having a blog if you’re using social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube are tremendous. You can let the blog do all the heavy lifting by syndicating your content online.

If you want to give blogging a try, go to, which is the free blog site and open an account. If you really love blogging, you can easily export out all your content and bring it into a self-hosted blog, like Syndicating Your Content.