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SusanDaffronVarious surveys have shown that 80% of people want to write a book, yet most people never get beyond dreaming about being a published author.

In this interview Susan Daffron shares tips on the following:

  • How Susan got beyond her big “stuckness” on two book projects that had been languishing in old discarded Word files for literally years.
  • How to find and repurpose writing you may already have in other forms.
  • How to determine if you can actually sell your book once it’s finished.
  • Which areas of the publishing process you can outsource, depending on your skills (and one you definitely should).
  • How to publish your book “on the cheap” and avoid the stigma of subsidy/vanity presses.
  • Numbers and acronyms you need to know about once you enter the wild and wooly world of self-publishing.

If you’ve got a book project you wish you could finish, join Susan Daffron and take your first step toward making that dream a reality.