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Google+ TipsIn his post, 11 Ways to Lose Friends and Alienate People on Google+, Ryan Hanley shares how to use Google+ without pissing people off. It’s not your typical social network.

According to Hanley, “Google+ is an idea-centric social network. The Google+ community responds to entertaining, educational and/or inspirational ideas engages accordingly.”

Out of his 11 points, I completely identify with #3. My email box is full enough and it does irritate me when someone on Google+ sends me an email notification they posted their blog to Google+. It’s the same as spamming my inbox. imho!

Point #7 tells you how to properly impact Google’s search results through your interactions and postings on Google+.

Finally #10, giving proper attribution to your post. As you’ve seen in this post, I’ve mentioned Ryan Hanley a couple of times. Curating content, whether through a blog post or a share on a social network should always be properly attributed to the original author. It’s just good manners.

Google+ is a lot more about relationships and sharing quality content, than sharing cute videos of kittens. Just remember that and you’ll be good to go on Google+. I’d love to hear your Google+ advice on how to master this new, exciting social network.

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