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Do you feel like you loose track of time while visiting Facebook or Twitter? It’s often what I hear small business people saying about using social media as a way to syndicate their content, or message.

I found a great little tool to help you with that. In fact, I’m using it with this post. I happened upon Pomodairo the other day. It’s a cool little Google tool to help you time your tasks.

I try to share links to blog posts that I think will help my followers on Twitter, friends on Facebook and my blog readers would enjoy reading. I allotted myself 15 minutes this morning to check out my Google Reader and share links to articles. I was pleasantly surprised that the 15 mins. I gave to the task was really all I needed, and I finished right on time.

Give Pomodairo a whirl and see if setting a time for a given task will help you maximize syndicating your content, or message, raising your online visibility, credibility and profitability.

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