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wordpress webinarOn Wednesday, May 19, 2010 from 4pm to 6pm Pacific Time you can learn how to create, and use, a blog.

If you want to really start getting your message out to the world, blogging is the tool you need. It’s the beginning of leveraging your content, world wide! It also minimizes the time you need to invest in social media, helping you work more efficiently.

With a blog you can increase your online visibility and elevate your credibility. Now is the time to start blogging! Plus it drives search engine traffic to your website.

In this online webinar, you’ll work with me learning:

  • What is a post
  • What is a page
  • What is the sidebar
  • What is the content area

Dashboard Orientation

  • What are the settings and what do they mean

How To Create and Manage A Post/Page

  • Adding Images So your blog will also be visually appealing
  • How to use the Timestamp
  • Tags – what are they and how to use them
  • Categories – what they are and how to use them
  • Linking Strategies in Posts/Pages Linking keywords or phrases helps the search engine know what text is more important than other text
  • Keyword Strategies

Managing Links, Categories and Comments

  • Links – Creating them, managing them
  • Managing Comments
  • How to control them through the settings
  • How you find out about comments on your blog
  • How to determine whether you spam them or not
  • What to do if you get a negative comment

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