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Ok, we call them gadgets, widgets, or plug ins. The point is they add interactivity to your site, compelling your visitors to hang around. I’ve used many on my various sites. So let’s talk about a few of the Google Gadgets For Your Website.

You go to Google, choose a gadget and customize it. Google will generate the code you need to place your gadget in your post or on your sidebar. Just play around with them. Give your visitors a reason to stick around….

Crystal Ball
Ask your question and tap the ball to reveal the answer to your question.

Sudoko Puzzles
Test your skills.

Coloring Page of the Day

Jigsaw Puzzle of the Day

Leadership Quote of the Day

Skype Me!

Google Talk

These are only a few gadgets. Go to Google’s Gadget page and check out a few for your website or blog. Keeping our visitors engaged is how we develop relationships with them. Try one or two gadgets today!

Let me know what gadgets you like, leave a comment below!