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If you have been arbitrarily subscribed to Freedom Builders’ newsletter, without your consent or knowledge, please let me know.

Freedom Builders host their site at This is the acceptable use policy.

It is a violation of the CanSpam Act to send unsolicited e-mail. Freedom Builders is attending networking events, gathering e-mail addresses and then arbitrarily subscribing unsuspecting business people to their newsletter. Twice I’ve unsubscribed myself, only to have them re-subscribe me. I sent them two e-mails. The first one they were terse in their response letting me know I was unsubscribed. The second one they assured me they wouldn’t spam me again. NOT!!!

If you want a networking group that abides by the CanSpam Act, I’d suggest looking at Leads Club If you go to the Leads Club web site, you’ll see that Leads Club uses a double opt-in subscription form. You can’t be subscribed to Leads Club’s Ali’s Ceiling Saying without your knowledge.

You may ask what is an opt-in subscription. Opt-in means that you’ve chosen to receive e-mails from a business. When you submit your subscription request, an autoresponder is sent to you asking you to confirm your subscription. This is the appropriate way to add people to your e-mail list. When you receive the autoresponder, you have the opportunity at that time to remove yourself from the list by ignoring the confirmation request in the autoresponder.

You may want to consider what type of business would try to subscribe you several times without your permission. I know what type of business I consider Freedom Builders to be…

Leads Club is an ethical, above board networking organization. They provide small business owners with a tried and proven method of networking that actually grows small businesses. Check them out if you want to increase your business income!