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  1. A blog helps your site to rank higher in the search engines
    When Google bought Pyra Labs, developer of Blogger, many didn’t understand why they’d want something that we seen as most as an online journal. Didn’t teen girls fool around with those blogs??
    The times, they are a changin… By the end of 2005 you’ll be hearing much more about business blogging. It’s because google and the other search engines love blogs because it’s continually updated content. The more you blog, the more visitors you’ll get to your site. The more visitors to your site, the more you rise in the search engine rankings.
  2. A blog expands your customer
    You’ll reach people through your blog with frequent updates. You’ll also get visitors who searched for a word that was mentioned in your blog post. They have no idea who you are, but stumbled upon you because of your post. Write and link to relevant content and they will find you.
  3. A blog helps brand you
    It’s a form of stealth marketing. It should provide your reader with valuable content. Blog about what you know and are passionate about. Link an article or free ebook in your blog for your readers to download. This isn’t the time to sell. That’s not what true blogging is about.
  4. Like a diamond, a blog is forever
    Post as often as you can. I suggest three times a week. The newsreaders indicate how many days it’s been since your last blog. It’s hard to look at that and see you haven’t blogged in three days. At least that’s what I try to do.
  5. A blog attracts new opportunities
    A blog makes your business visible. It will attract the attention of people who may become joint venture partners, or who will have other opportunities for you.

The time and energy that you invest in your blog can bring results beyond your wildest expectations. Create a blog – it’s your hardest-working, and most cost-effective online marketing option.

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