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  1. Make a commitment to write!
    Schedule an appointment with yourself. Make some quiet time start by deciding what you want to write. Do you want to write an articles? An ebook? Maybe a novel! Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Look at your watch. Complete this sentence in one minute: “I would love to write —” Done? 

    Please don’t read on until you’ve done the exercise. 🙂 OK. Now, before your left brain kicks in with a huge pile of negativity, commit to this thing that you have your heart set on writing. I’ll count down, from three to one, and at the count of one, please take a deep breath and say: “I commit to writing (whatever it was that you wrote in the exercise above).” Three, two, one . say aloud: “I commit to writing —-”


  2. Take Five
    How much can you write in five minutes? Let’s find out. Start with five tips. I know you can write five tips about your subject. Now that you have your five tips, take some time to expand each tip. Take five to write content for your current project. You can do this. It’s only five minutes. Just write, don’t think, just write. Think if you spend only 20 to 30 minutes a day writing and/or expanding on your content, your project will be completed in no time at all! 


  3. Need a Buddy?
    You can share your writing with someone. After all this can really keep you accountable. Find someone who wants to write something. You can each check the other’s work on a scheduled basis. Maybe you check in once a day, twice a week, etc. The objective is to keep yourselves writing. Don’t worry that the work is still in the rough stages. It’s only to keep you accountable and moving forward in your writing. All you need to do is find someone as committed as you are to completing your project. 


  4. Make writing the first thing you do every day
    Block out specific time each day for writing. If you are a morning person, write first thing. Decide for yourself when you are the most productive. Set the stage for your writing. Do you want some nice soft music, scented candles, a quiet room. Create the atmosphere that will help you be the most productive during your writing time. If the environment is inviting, you’ll look forward to spending this time writing your project. 


  5. Give up your attachment to the outcome
    Just relax. You can always revisit your copy and revise it at any point in time. For this exercise, you just need to get the content out. It’s always easy to look at your first draft and think it’s not up to par. It’s just the first draft. Once you get past that, the editing will be a piece of cake. You can analyze your content, rework the copy, buff it out and make it outstanding, after you get it out.


Now, just make the commitment to sit down, take five and let the words pour out of you. Have fun!

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