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I’ve been blogging since 2005. I started at Blogger and discovered WordPress in January 2007. I’ve had two self-hosted blogs and have been programming in WordPress exclusively since then.

North San Diego Business came out of a need to show the small business community, in 2006, what a blog looked like, and what it could do. To that end, the weekly North San Diego Business At Large podcast came into being.

When Facebook and Twitter came into the small business community you saw a plethora of “social media masters” come out of the woodwork. Their fees ran the gamete, but were usually pretty hefty. One firm was asking $500 a month for their services. It seemed to me that some were cashing in on the craze. More power to them!

However, some in the small business community were left in the dust. Dazed and confused, they left business sponsored social media events without a clue how to implement social media into their business.

So when I hear of yet another Social Media Mastery series I have to ask a few questions, especially when the series costs you an arm and a leg. Here are the questions I would ask.

  • How long has the “social media master” been around?
  • Does the “social media master” have a blog?
  • Are they blogging regularly?
  • Have they been blogging long?
  • Is their blog at or
    (there are some exceptions to this question)
  • Do they have a Facebook profile?
  • How many friends do they have?
  • Do they have a Facebook page?
  • Do they have any custom pages on their Facebook page?
  • How many fans do they have?
  • How many connections on Linkedin?
  • How many followers do they have on Twitter compared to how many Tweets they’ve sent out?
  • Do they share information online or just promote themselves and their services/products?
  • Do their course outlines tell you what you’ll be learning?
  • Have you heard of them before?

Where can you get a lot of information about social media without shelling out a lot of your hard earned money?

Social Media Examiner
Chris Brogan
Inside Facebook
Search Engine Guide
Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Watch
Daily Bloggr
Duct Tape Marketing
Social Media Coaching Center
Specky Boy
Square Martini Media
Tech Crunch
Social Time
Tripwire Magazine
WebPro News

Got a social media story to share? Feel free to comment!