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Via Debra’s Social Media Resources


On March 30th Facebook is giving our pages the same design as our new personal profile timeline. There are some pros and some cons when it comes to the new timeline.

This is a great overview of the new timeline and its components from TechCrunch. You can easily preview your page’s new timeline before deciding to publish it immediately, or wait until the mandatory change.

The cover (the large banner at the top of your profile) has a few rules that come with it. It would seem like the perfect place for a call to action, or a website address, wouldn’t it. That would be in violation of their terms of use though. There are a few other restrictions too.

Many of us have custom pages for our Facebook business page. We’ve set one of those custom pages as our default, meaning anyone landing on our Facebook page and is not a current fan will see the custom page.

You can still create custom pages, you just can’t set them as the default page. This means it will be harder for your page visitors to find your custom pages.

One of the nicest features is the addition of Messages, allowing your visitor to send you a private message.

There are other new features, so check out the full article at TechCrunch.

For those of you who are my subscribers, I’ll be holding a free webinar to answer your questions about the new Facebook timeline. Details are at the Cutting Edge Cafe. Or just fill out the form on the right and get the 6 Social Media Lessons too!