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I attended a large SCORE breakfast recently. I must admit, I attend way too many events with speakers. Is it just me, or are they getting more self-promoting?

Here’s my advice to speakers who want to “market their business” to the attendees, don’t! We attend to take back to our businesses, one or two action items we can put into place immediately for our business success.

I didn’t come to hear about your $1,000 SEO program, your Warm Spirit Multi-Level Marketing business or to watch you read out of your recently released book. I came for networking and information for my business. I know you’re selling your books, you don’t need to whack me over the head with it. I know you’re selling your products because I can see them on the huge table you build right behind the lecturn.

If I don’t attend the meetings because you don’t provide me with any concrete info, and cut into my networking time, then there won’t be a future meeting for you to speak at to market your business.

You and I would be much better served, if you followed the handout you gave us and provided useful tips and/or tools for our business success. Your credibility as an expert would be further enhanced by actually giving us info we can use.

To you speakers who like to speak to promote, which I highly advise as a good marketing strategy, I have a word-of-the-day for you, subtly!