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Debra Simpson on Syndicating Your Content and Social Media HubsSyndicating Your Content
Show Notes: January 3, 2011


Building your business brand should be one of the main goals you have for your social media marketing plan. What this means is using syndication to place your content on the internet as an extension of your brand, and it’s message. So let’s talk about your social media hub.

The Center of Your Hub – Your Website or Blog

Of course, you know that I advocate your website actually be a WordPress blog, and I can put you into a fully functioning wordpress blog for only $10 a month….but I digress

Your website and blog are the center of your social media hub. This is where you sell your products or services on the web. It’s your online representation of you and your business. People visit your blog, you talk to them through your posts, and or content, and they decide to buy from you because you’ve established a rapport with them.

Your Hub’s Spokes

Think of these as spokes on a wheel, where your blog is the center of the wheel and the spokes are those places where you go and create a second presence, another place where people can find you. This is where social media comes in. Each social media network you join is another place for you to meet new people and connect with friends and clients. Each network is an opportunity for you to build a community. You’re probably using some of them now, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Plaxo, and others.

Once you’ve created your profiles at your social networking sites, here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Build and nurture relationships. When you’re spending time on your social networks, think about ways in which you can build relationships. This can be furthering relationships you’ve already established or forming new. For instance, when I have a new friend on Facebook, I put them into a list so I can look for them frequently, and easily, to see what they are talking about. As often as possible I try to join a conversation they have started, by adding a comment or sharing their information. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing your friend’s links, comments, etc. It’s a tremendous goodwill builder.I use my personal Facebook profile as a way to nurture my existing relationships as well as build new ones. Think of it as expanding your reach.
  2. Syndicate your content. Once you have a blog up and running, you’ll want import it into Facebook with the Networked Blogs app so that you can immediately send new blog posts to Facebook. This allows new friends on Facebook to see your post, and click over to your blog to find out more about you. It’s also a social community itself. You can find and follow blogs through Networked Blogs that extend your online community.
  3. Make new friends. I add friends in Facebook who I have never met. I may see something they said to one of my friends, or pulled them up through a search that intrigued me, so I send a friend request. When you do invite them to be a friend, make sure to add a personal message letting them know why you’re sending them a friend request. Again, having a common interest or two really helps break the ice. To expand your community, you need to feel comfortable reaching out to new people. Remember that common interests help us form those online relationships a bit easier. You never know who your online friends know. It’s expanding your sphere of influence.
  4. Show who you are. Transparency is key to your social media strategy. Keeping in mind that all you post on the internet, stays on the internet, show a little personality in your interactions with others online. Don’t be afraid to talk about your interests, the stories that illustrate your point in a blog post.
  5. Share info you think your friends would be interested in. You shouldn’t be broadcasting your marketing message 24/7. Sharing is one of the most expedient ways to create solid relationships. Be seen as someone who thinks of others.

Those are some tips on creating a hub for your social media using your blog’s rss feed to deliver your blog posts to your social networking sites and how you can create and build profitable relationships online.

What do you think? Let me know by commenting!