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DigsbyI’ve been knee deep in Facebook for almost three months now. I have two twitter accounts, Magic In Blogging and North San Diego Business, well three but I’m hoping to combine the two into the third. I have a YouTube, Digg, Delicious, Flickr and my favorite microblogging service, Plurk. Then there’s my various instant message accounts. Wow, what’s a girl to do??

To post to any of my social sites used to have to open the sites in individual tabs in my FireFox browser. What a hassle! Obviously, I wasn’t the only solopreneur to experience this problem.

I’ve been know to download and test almost anything, so I’ve been testing Social Media "assistants", for lack of a better term. I thought I’d start sharing them with you.

Today, my share is Digsby.

What Do I Like About Digsby?

One of the biggest advantages to me, with two Twitter accounts is the ability to add more than one Twitter account. It easily offers me the opportunity to update my status without having to go to a browser. I can keep up with Facebook requests, notifications, as well as tweets and Facebook, AOL and Google Instant Messages.

I can customize the skin and send files, similar to Skype.

What Don’t I Like About Digsby?

It doesn’t include my favorite microblogging tool, Plurk.  It also doesn’t incorporate my YouTube or Flickr account. That would make it just about perfect.

Is Digsby Right For You?

I don’t know, you’ll have to take a look at it compared to other Social Media widgets/gadgets/assistants. Keep tuned and I’ll share what I’ve been working with, including widgets, FireFox addons (because I don’t use IE) and other tools I find here and there.

So, tell me, how are you managing your various profiles? Share by commenting below. Tomorrow, I’ll share with you another Social Media tool.