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First of an ongoing series on list building.

Do you capture the name and email address of your website visitor? No?

Do you bring business cards back to the office and add the name and email address into your Outlook, Thunderbird, or other email service address book? Yes?

That’s usually how a small business owner starts building an email database. However, at some point in time it will no longer be feasible to manage your email addresses through your email program. Now it’s time to graduate to an email service. You’ll want to send out emails on a regular schedule, sharing information with your subscribers and you’ll need a service to manage it as your list grows.

I belonged to a business organization several years ago which had an email list of 800 local business owners. When it came to emailing the list about the upcoming meeting, the executive director had to email them out in batches of 50 before her internet service provider (ISP) shut her email down. She’d call the ISP, get her email back up and running and continue her batches of 50. Obviously, that’s not an efficient use of time.

Additionally, your domain email address will have to fight the spam filters and many not be recognized as an authentic email provider the way professional email services are. So your chance of getting through the spam filters is less likely than Constant Contact’s (FREE 60 day account) or GetResponse’s (FREE account) chances.

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