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Syndicating Your ContentFriday, September 5th, join  Debra Simpson for a free 30 minute webinar on leveraging your business using the Internet.

This Friday, Debra will be sharing some tips on how you can get your marketing message out using the Internet. Debra has been online since 1994, having worked in McGraw-Hill’s New Media division, supporting the school textbook division by creating online learning modules, website development and programming, CD Rom products, and more. Adding to this, she’s currently a blog programmer and has unique insights on how to get your message out to the masses.

Leverage your business through the Internet, expand globally and cushion yourself against any local economic factors facing traditional businesses. Going global, networking globally, will only strengthen your business. If you can deliver over the Internet, you shouldn’t waste one more minute. Friday, September 5th is your start! Join Debra, and Cross The Digital Divide.

Register for the Free Friday, Cross The Digital Divide webinar and check out the Cross The Digital Divide social site that Debra is putting together. You’ll find how to videos and more…..