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Product Funnel

Leveraging your business online means branding yourself as an expert in your industry. One of the quickest ways to be seen as an industry leader is by creating intellectual products.

Today it’s easier than ever to create digital products that can bring more visibility to your business and elevate your perceived level of expertise. Those two, put together, in turn create passive income for your business.

Think about some of the content you may have on your computer. Have you written articles or short reports for your business? There are several ways you can take the content you’ve already created and turn it into several types of product you can sell as downloads from your website.

If you’re ready to turn your website from a free-loader to a fee-loader, then this seminar is for you. This is a way to create a passive form of income for your business. Products also raise the perceived level of expertise in your niche.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
4pm to 6pm Pacific Time
(7pm to 9pm Eastern Time)

In this powerful information-packed seminar you will learn:

  • What information products are
  • Why you need information products
  • How you can create information products
  • How to market and profit from information products

Here are some of the ways your business will benefit from information products:

  • Create an ongoing passive income stream
  • Expand your brand and credibility as an expert
  • Enjoy benefits of being an author
  • Have back of the room sales for seminars and talks
  • Create products others can sell for commission with affiliate programs
  • Build a product funnel; there are no limits

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