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Corey Rudl Remeberance Site

I received this email from Shelley Lowery over the weekend.

Dear Debra,

I am very sad to report that an Internet marketing pioneer has passed on.

Corey Rudl died last night in a racing accident in San Jose, California. He was killed instantly when his Porsche struck a barrier.

Although I never had the opportunity to personally meet Corey, I had a great deal of respect for him, as he was a true marketing genius.

Corey was only 34 years old and was just recently married. Please remember his wife and family in your prayers and take a moment of silence to remember Corey and to be thankful for all he has done for the Internet community. He will be greatly missed.

If you would like to send his family and/or staff your condolences, the mailing address is:

1123 Fir Ave

Blaine, WA



Shelley Lowery