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crayon01Blogging has incited the curiosity of millions of people all over the world; it represents a great opportunity for those who create blogs and for those who use them. In the beginning blogging was seen as keeping personal diaries online, however, blogging is far more complex owing to the fact that every blog carries the touch of the owner’s imagination, interest and wit. The range of topics blogs deal with is incredibly wide: from politics and religion to sky diving and scuba diving. The next very important aspect after blog content is actually the interactive format of the pages that allows users to take action on the site by commenting. I liken it to “joining the conversation.”

In the early days of blogging around the mid-90s, people enjoyed the experience of belonging to the online community that went beyond all sorts of boundaries. This was the time when the very first combination of text, pictures and videos were included in a blog, as the most accurate way of reflecting one’s life. Sometimes, bloggers transmitted live images with the help of various portable devices, creating the so-called semi-automated blogging.

At that time, blogs were not individual pages, as they mainly functioned as components of larger websites; nevertheless, with the rapid development of technologies, it came into everyone’s power to create and support a personal independent blog. Successful blogging focuses on high quality content that makes any visitor return to the site and even take action on it.

Presently, you can find guides to creating successful blogs, since, many small business owners perceive the phenomenon as a great chance to promote products and services online. Blogs are presently part of the Internet marketing strategies anyone should use as included within online advertising campaigns; the great advantage of blogging is that it mainly targets potential customers, reducing the number of uninterested users. We could say that thanks to advertising and Internet marketing, blogging has actually become a very promising type of business.

So how do you get started? I’d suggest It’s a free blogging site and you’ll quickly discover whether blogging is something you can use to leverage your business online. Sign up for access to Syndicating Your Content’s exclusive “members only” area (subscription box is to the right, at the top of the column) to view the video tutorial I created for you! Also, check out the Category section of Syndicating Your Content. There’s a lot of content on blogging on the site. Let me know what you think about blogging by commenting!