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Blogger Page ElementsLike a lot of small business owners, I started with one of the free blogging platforms. The two free blogging platforms most chose between is Blogger and WordPress. Each platform has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I have blogs at both Blogger and WordPress, but I now program WordPress blogs ( is the free hosting platform, is the blogging software) that are hosted directly and not part of the free platforms.

Some of the solopreneurs in North County have asked me how they can enhance their Blogger blogs. This gave me the idea of creating a video on Blogger’s Page Elements, which is commonly referred to as the "new Blogger." This video is an overview of the page elements and how, or why, you might want to use them.

I’ll follow with specific videos on using each element in upcoming posts. Let me know if this helps by commenting, or if I can create a video tutorial for a particular task.