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Debra Simpson on WordPress hostingI had heard through the years you want to make sure you host your site with a solid hosting firm. I use HostGator, and have clients at BlueHost. These are both great hosting sites.

In this post by Tom TreanorRight Mix Marketing, you’ll read about a few horror stories and you’ll be giving a few tips for finding a perfect WordPress host. A few of the tips shared are ones I practice:

  • a robust cPanel is a must.
  • the ability to host several sites on your plan.
  • and 24/7 support.

So, how is your hosting. Are you getting the support you need with the ease of a cPanel to help you with all the tasks necessary to keep your site up and running? Or are you one of the horror stories?

Disclaimer: While I am a customer of HostGator, I’m also an affiliate with both HostGator and BlueHost.