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Alright! For long enough I’ve just posted info to this blog. It’s time for me to come out of my shell and just talk to you.

Gotta tell you…I made a giant blunder with my autoresponder and I’d like to share the lessons learned. I use I like that I can create my e-mails in html, paste them into my campaign and send them off. There are many features I like about

There’s also Constant Contact. It’s got a very nice feature, templates. It’s very user friendly, and you can create your campaign in html, then paste it in as well. There’s a 60 day free trial you can use to test drive an e-mail campaign.

Anyway, back to my blunder. I composed my autoresponders for my monthly newsletter. I didn’t notice the “html preview” link, which would have shown me my mistakes right off. This was mistake #1.

To compound matters, I didn’t (as I always preach) subscribe to my own newsletter. Mistake #2. If I had I would have seen immediately that my links were DEAD!!!! YIKES!!! Fortunately, for me, a friend pointed it out (I just entered a bunch of subscriptions I secured at a trade show) and I had just subscribed myself, so I saw my errors immediately.

The moral of the story…preview and test. Why is it some lessons are harder learned than others???