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Evergreen ContentI was reading the post at Search Engine Journal titled “What is Evergreen Content and Why Should You Care?” written by Sujan Patel, to find out how to improve my blogging. This post shares what “evergreen content” is and gives some examples of evergreen and non-evergreen content.

The posts also shares a few formats for evergreen content. I really like the “how to” guides and “Frequently Asked Questions.” I’ve been doing “how tos” through the years and have to say that some “how to” content is not evergreen. For instance, if you ever do any videos to show others how to use a tool, the content is only evergreen as long as the tool doesn’t change.

However, the Frequently Asked Questions is a great way to add evergreen content to your site, but to also help your marketing process by answering some of those frequently asked questions your prospective buyers have before the sales process even begins. Or maybe that is the beginning of the sales process.

I know I’ll be incorporating some of these suggestions on my site, what about you?