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ebooks with debra simpsonCreating eBooks is the first step to developing a passive stream of income from the internet using your knowledge through info products. Here are seven reasons you should consider creating an eBook for your business.

  1. Easy to Publish:
    Gone are the days of writing for guidelines, trying to squeeze your writing into a publishers formula, then waiting for an acceptance or rejection. Today with a  word processing program and a pdf converter, you can publish yourself. You can go from editing to publication online in a few minutes, easily using your publication for list building, or selling for passive income.
  2. Say Goodbye to Overhead:
    When you publish an eBook online you automatically cancel out the large overhead of traditional publishing, not to mention storing. An eBook is self contained on your hard drive. No stocking fees, printing fees or other overhead expenses at all.
  3. Almost Zero Distribution Costs:
    Another bonus…eBooks are easy to distribute with little or no distribution costs. Also you are in direct control of these costs. You decide which booksellers and publishers you allow to sell your work. In this way you can bring your distribution costs down to zero or very low up front fees from the publishers.
  4. Freedom:
    eBooks give us a sense of freedom most people are not familiar with yet. eBook more often than not are sold 24/7 from the internet as passive income. We no longer have to design long announcement schedules or promotion days. We can wake up, handle our marketing and promotion early in the morning or late in the afternoon. We are in total control, which gives up an incredible freedom.
  5. Auto Delivery:
    eBooks exist in a world of self-fulfillment. After the buyer pays for the eBook they are taken to a download page where they can download the eBook instantly to their desktop. Once you as the author set up your sales page and download page you are done with your ebook delivery. It’s now automated. You can sit back and allow the Internet to work its wonders.
  6. Create your own future:
    One of the really incredible aspects of selling eBooks is the ability to create your own future. Once you create your first eBook, you’ll see the advantages of creating other eBooks, or info products.
  7. Helping others:
    This is my favorite reason to create, write and sell eBooks. You can take the knowledge you have, put it into an easy to read and understand written form. Then you can release this capsule of information into the public arena. Knowledge is always sought after and you can answer some of that longing. Your knowledge is out there helping people all over the world.

Now what? Use that electronic book as an enticement on your website to secure e-mail addresses. A simple form requesting your visitors name and e-mail address, in return for a copy of your e-book (full of valuable information). It’s the beginning of an e-mail marketing strategy!

Have you already created an eBook, or info product for your business? Have any tips, or thoughts. Join the conversation, feel free to comment!